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Feral Hogs...
At Cougar Run you will see hogs in a variety of sizes colors and weights.  To the left is the Russian Black.  You will also see Piney Rooters (top right), Razor Backs, and what most of us consider a true feral hog (below), which is usually large and spotted.

Fallow Deer
You will see 3 color variations of fallow deer at Cougar Run; brown, white (left) and spotted (below).  The Fallow is indiginoeous to western Europe and generally weighs 90 - 175 lbs.  The venison is very similar to whitetail.

Axis Deer
Considered a prize exotic, the Axis is are a majestic animal.  The Axis is a native of India (sometimes called Spotted Indian Deer or Chital Deer).  An Axis buck usually weighs anywhere from 145 lbs to well over 200 lbs. The venison is very lean and similar to a heavy lean beef.


Black Hawaiian

Texas Dall

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